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10 Reasons to NOT Get a Dog

1. Because it is cute.
Puppies are cute. Puppies grow up. Some grown dogs are not cute. After the puppy breath is gone, the bad breath remains as does the slobber and the dog farts. Dogs are not embarrassed by their "imperfections". Adult dogs think they are as cute as any puppy.
2. Because you want something to love you.
You will need to give more love and care to a dog than you will ever get back. Depending on personality, some dogs are aloof and some are cloying. There's no guarantee that the one you choose will hit a happy medium.
dog carrying umbrella3. For dog fighting
Enough said
4. If you have a busy life.
Dogs need attention and many breeds need frequent, daily or even twice a day exercise in all kinds of weather. Leaving your dog loose in the back yard or on a chain outside is not exercise. Exercising dogs means spending quality time with them, training them, and helping them challenge their boundaries. It also means giving your dog time to be a dog and do dog things like sniff out new smells, explore new territories, meet and socialize with other dogs.
dog in paint5.If you are adverse to picking up doggy poo and occasionally doggy vomit.
Whether inside or out, it needs to be picked up and disposed of.
6. Because your friends, neighbors, relatives have one.
Remember, one of the reasons other people's pets are so cute is because you get to go home when they are not.
7.Because you feel sorry for it.
If that's the only reason a dog tugs on your heart strings, once you have it home, those feelings will pass and you will still have a dog.

smart dog8.When you know nothing about dogs.
A dog can be a great first pet, but it will probably teach you more than you will ever teach it. Read about dogs, talk to other dog owners and find out as much as you can about dogs before you adopt one.
9. When you are financially unstable.
Dogs cost money in food, veterinary bills, and often in the damage they cause like chewing on your shoes, digging holes in your carpet, and leaving their oils and odors in your home. That's the extra expense you commit to when you commit to adopting a dog.
running dot10.If you don't want a long-term commitment.
Even the shortest dog lifespans may be over 7 years long. Do you have the stamina to go the distance with a dog?

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