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The Sins of Our Fathers

by Linda Jenkinson

I scraped my arm on the medicine cabinet mirror today, so I might be thin-skinned. Anyway...


The U.S. experienced a bit of a Canadian cold snap yesterday when the Toronto Star posted this tweet, "American TV banned him for dancing with a white girl. Canada exploded."

The Actual headline is, "More than 60 years ago a Black teen from Malvern C.I. was told to stop dancing with a white girl on a Buffalo TV show. Toronto exploded"

Canadians have the reputation for being kind. Is that just a stereotype? Maybe yesterday was a slow news day in Toronto—the weather too boring to discuss.

Yes. To America's shame and embarrassment, this happened 60 years ago. And to the Toronto Star's shame, yesterday on Twitter they pretended it was a current event. When you stir the pot, pay attention to what pot you are stirring unless, of course, you intend to stir up human waste.

What good does it do to dredge up past sins and portray them as if they happened today? Instead, we would all benefit from working to correct the sins of the present so that they don't follow us into our future and the futures of our children. The sins of our fathers need not be visited on their sons [or daughters] to the third and fourth generations if we stop them in their tracks right now.

Anyone can dig deep for dirt. Toronto Star, you are better than this. Oh Canada! Your Star is flickering.