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Creature Feature: Halloween Safety for Pets

black cat

Halloween is now the United States' second most popular holiday, after Christmas, but like many holidays, it can be a high-stress time for our pets.

» Loud noises from firecrackers to screams and shouts fill the evening air.
» Strangers and seldom-seen friends ring our doorbells and knock on our doors.
» Costumed friends and family look and smell different to our pets. Even our children's identities are hidden beneath masks and costumes as they return home with enticing bags of "something" that is hands off to our pets.

Too Many Strays —Too Soft a Heart

abondoned dog

Country life was the cat's meow—. Really! It was everything we expected and a lot we didn't expect. Day to day, we never knew who we would find at the end of our driveway, on our doorstep, or even tied to a tree. During the years we lived in the country, there was a steady stream of tail chasers and tail waggers that were dependent on the softness of our hearts.

Blooper: The Story of a Survivor

Blooper, a tuxedo cat

Only two out of every ten stray kittens ever find a forever home. This is the story of one of them. His strong will to live made him a survivor. His name was Blooper.