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Abortion Insurance

by Linda Jenkinson |

These days it seems that when you get a group of legislators together, they get things backwards. Kind of reminds me of the Contrare Indian in Little Big Man who washed with sand and dried with water.

Anyway, the Michigan State legislature has decided that women who want abortions or may want an abortion at some time in the future need to have special abortion insurance. This law includes wanted pregnancies that go awry as well as cases of rape and incest. I think these legislators have it backwards.

If you truly believe that insurance to terminate pregnancy should be an 'extra' then consider other insurances that cover mistakes.

  • Automobile insurances include liability insurance that covers those that drivers injure.
  • Homeowners are tasked with liability insurance that covers guests and passers-by who are injured on their property. If my tree crashes through my neighbor's roof, I have to pay.
  • Doctors have mal-practice insurance to cover their errors. If they leave something inside of you that shouldn't be there, they are responsible for damages.

No woman has sex with the intent of having an abortion. So my question is, why should women be responsible to purchase abortion insurance? Especially in the case of pregnancy due to rape or incest, shouldn't the responsible party be liable?

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