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About Shyflower: Linda Jenkinson

Writers sometimes refer to themselves as "Wordsmiths," but the word just doesn't fit me. When I visualize a Wordsmith, I see someone bending over a hot forge, hammering words into a usable shape. My view of writing is more sensory.

I'm a word painter. I love art, but my keyboard is my brush, a thesaurus my colorful palette. I want you to picture that new house and smell the lavender blooming in the back yard. See the trees as they bend and sway in the wind and feel the cool breeze that blows relief on a hot summer's day.

I am privileged to live along one of the most beautiful areas of the Mississippi River, Winona, MN. I live here with my husband, Ed, our Airedale Terrier, Bailey, and a green-cheeked conure (a type of small parrot) named Amigo. An animal lover, I also tend to three aquariums (cichlids, tetras, and a clown) and three tortoises (Sulcatas and a Russian). From a distance, I admire Ed's green tree python.

For a decade and a half, I kept myself busy writing and editing. Yet poetry has always been my first love. In my spare time, I filled a computer folder with poetry, some tales, and a few other thoughts. My creative writing (mostly poetry) finally found a home in books (links in the sidebar) and my thoughts and opinions in a blog.

This website puts everything under one web roof. Shyflower is my screen name, a name that I first used in online forums and later for my freelance business. Now you'll also find it on my Facebook author page (Shyflower's Petals) and my Twitter, @shyflower.

By the way... thanks for reading!