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News today focused on National Security. However, security should begin at home. With the ongoing turmoil in the Trump White House, it is easy to lose sight of many of the issues that remain unattended. One of those issues is comprehensive gun legislation, which would be a major step in improving the safety of the American public.

NRA Executive Vice President Wayne La Pierre is fond of saying "the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun". He's been saying it through every gun tragedy that has happened since the school shooting in Newtown Conn., back in 2012 and there have been many.

Let us not forget that former VP Richard Cheney shot a friend in the face with his. Of course, I'm not suggesting he is or is not a good guy, but even if he is a good guy, it is clear that he wasn't good with his gun. Although the evidence here is anecdotal, similar anecdotes are too often in the news. Open carry laws enable a lot of people to walk around with guns holstered on their hips. Most of them may well be "good guys". Still, how good are these good guys with their guns?

While a shooter may be a marksman on the firing range, his competence may falter under stress. It is much easier to shoot a bulls eye, a tin can, or a bottle than it is to shoot a living, moving target. It is also easier to take a life hunting than it is to defend yourself under stress.

Some people want a world where they are allowed to carry a gun to be safe. I want a world where there is no need to carry a gun in order to be safe.

Criminals can always get guns.

With comprehensive gun legislation, there would be fewer guns available to felons who would steal them as well as the mentally ill, and those who would not be conscientious in storing them, keeping them secure, and using them responsibly.

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