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Anne Frank: Let her R.I.P.

by Linda Jenkinson

Anne Frank

Today the Washington Post ran another story about the Anne Frank family. This one was the 'news' that her father, like thousands of other Jews, was refused entry into the US. I understand why the Anne Frank story frequently reappears in the headlines even today, but isn't it time we let her rest in peace?

In truth Anne wasn't special. She wasn't a gifted author. She was just a teen-age girl who kept a diary, which was found after WWII. Had she lived through the war, the world would most likely never have known of her existence.

Of course it's a shame what happened to her and her family, but millions of others endured the same torments and terrors as the Frank family. When I see an Anne Frank story, I think about all the diaries that were never found and all of the diaries that were never written.

That is the real shame of WWII: not the story of one girl and her family, but the brutality of the entire world towards millions of families.

Unfortunately we are seeing that same barbaric attitude again today. WWII stories are lessons unlearned as countries, including mine, close their doors to Syrian refugees and coin terms for current residents like "illegal immigrants". Maybe it's better to forget the past and put our energies into building a better future for all people.

The one good thing about WWII is that we no longer need to look at Hitler and his ilk for a bad example of human rights and to understand what is the right way to treat our neighbors. We just need to treat them right.

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