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Memories of August

by Linda Jenkinson

children at play
Fotolia Stock Photo: Children Playing
Feet walked and waded through every path and creek. We built forts and dismantled them. Some we rebuilt only to later abandon again. Hot summer days, too hot for outdoor play. So, after supper we ventured into the dusk reconnect friendships with backyard and front-yard games.

  • - No Ghosts Out Tonight
  • - Hide & Seek
  • - Freeze Tag
  • - Statues (“It’s all fun and games until you break someone’s arm or someone loses an eye.”)

As dusk deepened into dark, we trundled out of our houses with blankets and pillows, preparing one more night under the stars, laughing and giggling at the corny jokes we had heard and retold, deliciously shivering in mock-fear of local ghost stories and urban legends; the next one of us trying to outdo the last one. Finally, climbing into bedrolls with sleepy eyes, picking out the constellations above us, as sleep picked us off one by one.

In the morning, we awoke waterlogged with dew and trundled back into our homes where our comfortable beds invited us to “sleep in”. Later, we would plan and play through the day. Later, we would search for activity that pushed back thoughts of the Labor Day Holiday, which ushered in the new school year and pulled the plug on summer.