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Bafoon: Mirror on Trump

by Linda Jenkinson |

Dorian Gray

Bill Mahr compares Donald Trump to an orangutan, but he may have the wrong species in mind. The other day, someone on Twitter mistakenly called Trump a "bafoon". It was hard to tell whether they meant buffoon or baboon, but either fits. In fact, bafoon is a word that exactly describes Donald Trump.

Still, some Americans insist that Trump is really smart or he wouldn't be rich. If he is so smart, why has he filed bankruptcy three times? Why has he been married three times? Neither his past professional nor his past personal decisions bear out his intelligence.

Trump is a small, shallow man who knows nothing of the world around him except what reflects back to him. The portrait of Dorian Gray was better looking than what Trump could ever hope to see staring back at him.

The absurd idea of calling Trump brilliant even made Putin smile. His use of the word "yerkii" that journalists mistook for brilliant, as in genius, but really meant flamboyant or colorful. If Putin were less diplomatic and more straightforward, he might have just said "orange" like American comedians do.

How will Trump present himself to the world as POTUS? After months on the campaign trail, Trump is unable to clearly communicate his ideas to the American public. His supporters are regularly called upon to answer "Is that what he said?" with "This is what he meant."

His advocates have tried to spin what he meant by his comments towards a gold star family, what he meant by comments about a crying baby. They have tried to explain what he meant by "the second amendment people". When and where does it end? Will it end before some crazy goes off half-cocked with a fully cocked weapon again?

We don't need a president that needs someone to explain what he is talking about. What will happen when this man talks to foreign dignitaries that are not fluent in English? What about comments that will need to be interpreted? What of those times when he won't get a second, third, and fourth chance to spin what he says in a different direction.

Taking a chance on Donald Trump is as safe a bet as putting your chips on a roulette wheel's double zero. But it isn't just a couple of bucks that Americans have at stake in this election; it is the future of this country.

Although Clinton may not be the great President that Obama was, she will be a good President who keeps this country moving in the right direction. The problem with many Americans' distrust of their government is the same as the problem they experience with most diets. They want the 30-day weight loss plan, but they forget it took more than 30 days to put on the overweight.

There is no quick fix for our government, but you don't use a wrecking ball to remodel your house. You fix it little by little, room by room. That's what Obama has been doing and what Clinton will continue to do. That's why I'm with her.

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