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Beware of the Sign

Beware of the Dog Sign You certainly are allowed to post any sign you desire on your own property. However, "beware of the dog" signs can be a death warrant for your dog. Apologies don't apply when you post a Beware of the Dog sign. In fact, such a sign admits to the world that your dog may be dangerous.

When you post a "beware of the dog" sign, the consequences of your dog biting someone varies from state to state and in some states, from court to court. Penalties could range from severe fines to the loss of your dog or the loss of your dog's life.

Although dogs are domestic critters, they can sense fear. A sign may heighten your visitor’s apprehension of meeting your dog. Beware of the Dog can can turn a puppy dog into a werewolf.

Consider who your visitor may be:

In most states, if you own a dog, that animal is supposed to be under your control at all times. When your dog is loose, even though he is on your property, a court may consider a dog's aggression as being out of control.

Here are some better opinions than mine to help you decide if a Beware of the Dog Sign is worth your risk.

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