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Sometimes it takes a while to get back into routine after the holidays. I totally forgot a very important holiday that falls between Christmas and New Year's. Luckily I was reminded by an article I read about a new kind of packaging called the rapid packing container.

The holiday is Boxing Day. I first found out about it several years ago when a Canadian friend sent me a Boxing Day greeting. I emailed back and asked him where and when he wanted to put the gloves on. Well, my bad!

Boxing Day isn't a day for fighting nor is it a day for throwing out your empty Christmas boxes. Boxing Day is a holiday that is celebrated in many countries round the world as well as in Canada. Although, in many countries, Boxing Day has become a day of after Christmas sales, the definition I like best comes from South Africa, "a day of Good Will".

My Canadian friend described it as a day when you can pass on part of your good fortune.

What to Do With Five Golden Rings?

Well, you probably could use five golden rings.Everyone likes a little extra bling, but did you get yet another scarf for Christmas, too many packages of new socks, an extra toaster, blender, 6 boxes of Chocolate Covered Cherries, one too many poinsettias or something that just isn't your style? Instead of fighting the crowds to return unwanted items or throwing them in the trash, consider using one of those empty Christmas bags or boxes and giving a Boxing Day gift as a Random Act of Kindness. Take it to a rest home, the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, your church or your local Good Will.

Here in Winona,Winona Shares, is a special online resource where you can list free reuseable items. Maybe you have a resource like that in your area?

Boxing Day is your chance to brighten the Holiday Season for both you and someone else but it doesn't have to start and stop on December 26. You can still do it today!

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