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What About Those Chiefs?

by Linda Jenkinson

Kansas city chiefs logo It seems there's a kerfluffle beginning about the name of the Kansas City Chiefs. Maybe we could take out the "i" and call them the Chefs... or would that offend the nation's chefs?

I remember days when words like, Spic, Mick, Kike, Wop, Gook, and of course the infamous “N-word” were what we all agree are offensive. Of course they are. There is no-doubt they are meant as slurs. But Red Skins, Indians, and now, the Chiefs? What makes them more offensive than names like Steelers, Oilers, Packers, Yankees? Are they titles of appreciation or degradation?

Of course people of mid-eastern heritage may be offended by “Indians” but even so, that is a word that has adapted to more than one meaning. The dictionary is full of such words.

I wonder if citizens of other countries feel like they are living in a nanny-state, walking on egg-shells, afraid of hurting someone’s feelings by calling them a name or ‘speaking out of turn.’ It isn’t the people who use the language that are the problem, it is those who are so thin-skinned that a word upsets them.

Must we kowtow to the over sensitive and name our teams kinder-gentler names? Buttercups? Pansies? Are we a nation that cares more about the injuries to someone’s delicate sensibilities than we do about the injuries to our athletes? Shame on us, if that is true.