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Slow Down: Children at Play

"Leave 'Em Alone!"

I am a big Seth Meyers fan. One of my favorite recurring bits on the Late Show is the one where Seth starts dishing on someone and a man stands up in the audience and yells out, "Leave him alone!"

The other day a mother wondered how she could get her two-year-old toddler interested in studying. I wanted to yell, "Leave him alone! " but I didn't have my arguments in order.

Let Him Be Two

Another person did and their sentiments were the perfect answer.

"He's got a lot on his mind right now. He's just learning learnng to go potty in a toilet, that you can color a coloring book dog green, and that there is no bogeyman under the bed. Let him be two before making him nine," ( Jae Starr on Quora )

When he is nine, I hope his parents let him—no—encourage him to climb trees, go creek wading, and do all the other things that nine year old boys love doing.

Slow Down: Children at Play

Childhood is one of those fleeting things that seem to last forever. Then one day you turn around and look, and your children are no longer children. Physiology hasn't changed all that much over the decades. Children who are pushed into adulthood mature too fast.

Let your children grow at their own pace. When they are ready to study, they will show you they're ready. In the meantime, play will give them the tools they need to focus on their areas of interest.

It is through play that we nurture our imagination, creativity, and ingenuity. If you give a child the opportunity to play, along with the playfulness, he will carry those characteristics into his adult life.

This is evident in those people, such as Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein, who struggled with academia but used their imaginations, creativity, and ingenuity to enrich all of our lives.

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