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Who wouldn’t be pro-life? But, pro-life is a misleading term because the ideology behind it isn’t pro-life at all. The anti-choice legislators of Georgia, Alabama, and 26 other states would like you to believe their actions are part of the pro-life movement . These laws are not pro anything. Their objective is to set women back half a century by overturning the hard-fought and finally won rights recognized by Roe v. Wade.

However, instead of discussing Roe v.Wade, lets discuss what choice is, because it envelops far more than women's health issues.

Somehow, along the way, pro-life activists got the idea that pro-choice is pro abortion. Is it because pro-life is life for a fetus at all costs? If I was of child-bearing age (and I’m not) I would never have an abortion, but it isn’t up to me to make that decision for any other woman.

Those activists who call themselves "pro-lifers" would impose their restrictions on a woman's life with no regard for her health or happiness.

Pro-choice is not trying to talk any woman into terminating her pregnancy. It is laying out all of a woman's options and helping her choose the one that is right for her physical and mental well-being. That can range from carrying the pregnancy to term and keeping the child to giving the born child up for adoption to termination of the pregnancy.

Moreover, many of the women who use pro-choice services, such as Planned Parenthood, find help with birth control. They get the medical screenings they need to keep them in good feminine health. Finally, they learn how to practice safe sex beyond the ideology of abstinence so that they will never be faced with having to decide if they should carry a pregnancy to term or terminate it.

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