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Climate Change

by Linda Jenkinson |

warm penquin

We used to talk about global warming, but that, of course was a terrible misnomer. Warming, as I understand it, is happening in the oceans and and playing havoc with the world's weather systems. We can see that in the number and strength of hurricanes and tornadoes in recent years. We can see it in the droughts that create wild fires and the torrential rains that create mudslides and flooding.

This morning as I looked at last night's snow fallen this late in the spring, I can't help but wonder if 'seasons' are at an end. Perhaps in the future there will be only cold days edging up to warmer days followed by cold days again… all in the space of a week.

I don't know if the phenomena is natural or man-made and I don't know how or even if we can stop it. But, I do believe we need to try. I hope it's not too late already.

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