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These days it might seem as if living in jeopardy is just a fact of life but danger is nothing new. People have lived in jeopardy since the beginnings of human life and, around the world, many continue to live in mortal terror of losing all they love, all they have acquired, all they have achieved.

Look around at all you have achieved in life, at all you love. Today, many of us worry about losing all that makes our lives worth living and not just our possessions, but our friends, loved ones, parents, siblings, spouses, even our children. This is today's reality for many refugees and immigrants.

Look around your home. Imagine that you must leave tomorrow because either your life or your freedom is in danger. You can take only what you can carry and it is possible that you will need to carry it for hundreds of miles.

What will you take?

What will you leave?


  • Far
  • We've been traveling far
  • Without a home
  • But not without a star
  • Free
  • Only want to be free
  • We huddle close
  • Hang on to a dream

  • On the boats and on the planes
  • They're coming to America
  • Never looking back again
  • They're coming to America

  • Home, don't it seem so far away
  • Oh, we're traveling light today
  • In the eye of the storm
  • the eye of the storm

Neil Diamond

This is the decision that thousands of refugees make every day.

Donald Trump likes to throw out the phrase, "Extreme vetting."

Imagine that today you must leave your home within hours. You can take with you anything you can carry on your back or in your two hands. Look around you. What are you willing to leave behind. Consider that in addition to keepsakes and family heirlooms, you will even need to leave some things that right now you consider necessities. Consider that in addition to all of your possessions you will also need to leave friends, family, colleagues, your livelihood--the very things that make your life worth living.

Besides what they leave, refugees who come to America in hopes of a new life wait for 18 to 24 months wondering from day to day if they will pass or fail the onslaught of questions and background checks they encounter. Mr. Trump thinks that isn't extreme enough.

Every major US terror attack except for one has been planned and executed by American citizens, not immigrants or refugees. Sandy Hook, Columbine, Miami, Virginia Tech...

Yes, the destruction of the Towers was a catastrophic loss of life to Americans. But more, it made us realize that we, too, are vulnerable to terror: as vulnerable as the Syrian citizens of Aleppo or the Iraqi citizens of Baghdad. Understanding this vulnerability, we should be reaching out instead of pulling back.

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