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Did You See the Cloud?

by Linda Jenkinson


Did you see the cloud, love?
One, big cottony sail
Lying so still against an azure sea
Moving now, gently on summer's sweet sigh
Billowing in muted grays and violets
Alive with golden streaks of light …

Did you see the trees, love?
Tall sentinels of summer
Stately in their emerald robes
Swaying now, wildly choreographed by gusty breath
Gem by gem discarded in earthy dance
Swirling to the beat of summer storm …

Did you see the rainbow, love?
One spectral palette
Translucent arc on silver canvas
Vibrant, overflowing, bursting into two
Demure now, evanescing under azure brush
As sun recaptures the repose of summer sky …

Did you see the cloud?