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Different Strokes

by Linda Jenkinson

Who can I blame for my inconsistency in blogging? I guess, just me. So where have I been? Sadly, mostly right here.


I don’t know if I’ve written about this before, but a couple of years ago I had a couple (yes two) bowel obstructions. I’ve had several surgeries in the past, but these were two in a month and they took a lot out of me. I’ve been struggling ever since to get my life back in order. Just as I thought I had a handle on it, Covid came along and disrupted everyone’s world.


The pandemic didn’t affect my world much since I have become quite the stay-at-home. I’m not agoraphobic, but I don’t like to go anywhere alone. I gave up driving after my last license expired and I forgot to renew it.

I am one of the lucky ones who has dodged the covid bullet. Being a stay-at-home has its advantages these days. And although it made breathing difficult, I did wear a mask when I went out.

My husband and I both got through the pandemic unscathed. His company makes medical equipment, so he is considered an essential worker. We are both senior citizens, so along with his salary we have our pensions. Life would be good if not for ongoing medical expenses.

What goes around...

The older I grow the more convinced I am that Karma exists, but not only in relation to one’s relationships with others. So, I’ve gotten used to waiting for ‘the other shoe to drop’ and accepting whatever the consequences of that are. Part of recovering from any illness is getting your head around it. Since my surgeries, I have been fearful that an obstruction will come back and it is something I must accept that can happen. Little did I know that Karma was about to give me a kick in the butt instead of the gut.

For years, I have had prescriptions for high blood pressure medications. My last four doctors have cautioned me about high cholesterol. But I have been more concerned with weight gain from an under active thyroid and battling the depression I have experienced for most of my life.

Last June I got a headache. Not a bad one. often, when I get a headache, I can sleep it off. Not this one, though. Every time I woke, it was there to say “Good morning.” Since my obstructions, my doctor has warned me to lay off the NSAIDs and ibuprofen. The only pain reliever I can take is acetaminophen in low doses, due to kidney and potential liver problems. Usually a couple of capsules will do the job on my headache, but not this one. It hung on and on for two weeks.

In the third week, my husband wanted to go to a reptile exposition in Illinois. I wanted to get medica treatment, but didn’t want to ruin his plans. Besides, what would I tell a doctor? That I had a headache? So off we went to Illinois.

More on that next time.


Who'd have thunk it? My story, Crickets has been published by Purple Wall stories and has made it out of the first round of competition. The second round is underway. Please have a look and vote! Thanks to all who supported it in the first round and especially my friends at Critique Circle who helped refine it. I appreciate your continued support. Here's the new link.