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Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page for Likes

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This post was inspired by a comment that Facebook Fan Page Likes are practically useless. Actually, if you have a fan page (and if you are an author you should), "Likes" are important to the success of your page.

First things first:

Why you need a Fan Page 

Personal profiles on Facebook are for sharing photos, opinions, and conversing with friends and family. 

  1. Friends are different than fans. You may wish to share photos, opinions, and discussions with friends and family members that you wouldn't necessarily want to publicize to the fans of your books and writing.
  2. Constant book promotion on your personal page may offend some of those who have "friended" you on Facebook. In fact over-promotion on a personal page can get you reported for spam and your Facebook account suspended.
  3. You might not want your personal newsfeed to be cluttered with the constant book promotions of other authors who have "friended" you.
  4. You might want to reserve the cover of a personal page for your favorite personal photos. A fan page lets you put your books front and center.
  5. Fan pages have extra apps you can add that aren't available for personal pages, for instance theAuthor App lets you embed a book description, a free book preview, and links to where your book is available for sale.

Setting Up A Facebook Fan Page


Before you can have a fan page, you will need to have a personal profile on Facebook. If you have that, the setup of a fan page is pretty straight forward. Simply Start by clicking Create a page on your personal timeline and a settings page will magically appear before your eyes.

You will see a list of settings you can manipulate, starting with the general settings. As I said, most are pretty straight forward, but we'll go over just a few to get you started.

Title your page based on your promotional strategy. 

Choose a category

The category of your page will appear under your page name. The dropdown list has several options from author to book to writer to public figure. Look for the one that best suits your plans.

General: Posting ability

One thing I have noticed on some author pages is that they don't allow their fans to post to their page. I suggest you allow this permission. 

Others who like your fan page may wish to leave an introductory post or a request for a reciprocal "like". While I understand you may be concerned about off-color remarks and other comments you don't want to see on your page, you can delete anything on your page that you don't want to see.

Additionally, it's much easier to click on a post to return the link than pasting the link into the searcher. 

Why Likes are Important

When someone likes a Facebook page, what you post on your timeline shows up in their newsfeed. How well your information is distributed to your followers depends upon how popular your page is. Thus, likes are important.

You can not send friend requests from a fan page. You can only invite those you know from either outside of Facebook or your personal 'friend' list to support your page.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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