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Ultimate F Words: Fact & Faith

by Linda Jenkinson

I know. I believe.

There is no reason why parents cannot bring their children up to choose a life based on fact rather than one based on faith yet, still allowing them to share in the beauty and diversity of other cultures and ethnicities including their differing religions. Although we may not adopt a culture's religious beliefs, we can still enjoy and even share in their customs.

For instance, the custom of celebrating Halloween likely originated from the pagan pre-Christian Samhain celebrations. Today, children of all faiths enjoy Halloween costumes and treats. Christmas is a time for Christmas trees and decorations that fill our houses with the wonderful natural smells of pine, cinnamon and bayberry as well as the time to learn how to give from the heart and receive what was given with grace. Easter is a time for egg hunts, Easter baskets and celebrating the rebirth of life.

Many of us seem obsessed with finding our purpose on Earth? Living on this pale blue dot, we are certainly too small and insignificant to matter in the grand scheme of things. What if we had no purpose at all? Instead of looking for our purpose, it makes more sense to strive to live a purposeful life.

At best, there is only one authentic religion of the thousands of religions that man has invented. At our death we will either find it or find nothing. Your chance of picking the real god, the one truereligion is about as probable as your chance of winning a lottery. If you lose the god lottery, there are going to be a whole lot of your brethren standing alongside you.

If you should win that lottery, what are the chances that you have worshiped your god in the way your god prefers to be worshiped? Could it be that your adoration is no more important to a real god than is the adoration of the other billions of life forms that inhabit this earth?

Organized religion offers hope of a better life AFTER death while giving no hope for a better life to the living. Some vilify non-conformists and threaten them with an eternity of pain and terror, fire and brimstone. Instead of celebrating life, they create longing and yearning for what we don't have instead of satisfaction and action to seek every avenue to enrich our lives.

For some people, the path of faith over fact is the right one. For others, the logical choice is one wherein facts transcend faith based judgment. It is not the duty of either to modify or regulate the path of the other.

If there is no god, your death is simply the last and deepest sleep you will experience. You will fade into the tranquility of oblivion, ending in the same way as all life that came before you and all life that will follow you. Living without fear of god frees you to enjoy your life to its fullness knowing that each day may be the best day you will ever experience.

You don't need to worship anyone or anything. You can respect and even follow the wisdom of Buddha, Muhammad, Native Cultures, the patriarchs of Judaism, and even Jesus of Nazareth without adoration.

We say that it is not the destination but the journey that is important and yet we worry about how we reached the spot we are in today and what we must do to advance to a better place. In truth, how we got here is not important nor is our search for a better destination. It is the route we choose that matters to the health, joy, and peace we find in living our lives.

This life on Earth is quite possibly the only paradise we will ever experience Earth is a very special place in the universe-- one of the very few that supports life as we know it. Celebrate life.

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