A Fall from Grace

by Linda Jenkinson |

Image credit: peter_pyw

For many years she wandered
A queen without a crown
Looking up to others
Who she thought were looking down.

Then one day, her prince rode in
And swept her off her feet.
Just the kind of noble lord
she'd always hoped to meet.

Unaware of her vertigo
He put her high upon a pedestal
The panoramic view below
Made her both nauseous and dizzy.

The real truth was soon disclosed.
Her vertigo was self-imposed.
Looking down along her nose
Did not keep a body busy.

Position alone was not success
Nor was it the road to happiness.
We must embrace each second
The moment it takes place

To begin life, we must be in life.
Though we falter and we stumble,
We must dare to take a tumble.
To brave a fall from grace.

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