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Will the final Republican Presidential candidate be presidential or will he just be too big to flush?

While some species of marine fish look good on the outside, they don’t play well with their own kind. In fact, they will fight to the death to win the territory. It's similar to what is happening in the Republican Presidential race.

My friend had a marine aquarium with half a dozen fish of the same species. One of them decided it didn’t like the others. It began systematically killing its tank mates. There was no way for my friend to know which fish was the serial killer. So her aquarium went from six, to five, to four, to three fish. Finally, the day came when there were only two fish and the next day just one fish remained. She flushed it because she realized no matter how strong that fish was or how good he looked, he was still a killer. She would never build a sustainable aquarium with a killer in the midst of her fish.


p>The Republican Presidential race started out with 14 fish in the pond. One of the big fish has systematically tanked the hopes of the other candidates. Presently, it has dwindled down to three, The difference between this and my friend’s aquarium is that everyone thinks they know who the big fish is.</>

It's beyond me why they don't flush him now. In fact, I tend to think there may be two killer fish in that tank. Only time will tell which is more lethal than the other. If they would flush them both, they would be left with a viable presidential candidate.

Right now, the Republicans aren’t planning to flush either of them. They seem to think it’s okay to leave the country in the jaws of one of the blood-thirsty, out-to-win-at-any-cost, sharks. Don’t let the Republicans turn the waters of this country red. Vote blue.

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