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So yesterday, another school shooting. This one at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Brower county Florida. Dozens of hearts were broken yesterday by the deaths of 17 of their loved ones and dozens of children, teachers, and parents were unnecessarily terrorized.

It was absolutely nauseating listening to a CNN pundit discussing "active shooter drills." Have we really sunk so low that instead of taking the tangible and logical steps to protect our children, we depend on them to protect themselves?

CNN's Jake Tapper just called the Stoneman Shooting "the new normal in America" I say if that is true, it's time we change the "normal".

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I thought I was keeping up pretty well until I heard today that the Stonemen shooting is the 19th school shooting this year! These days, unless they are massacres like this one, mass shootings don't even make a front page or TV news headline.

In a CNN interview, Senator Bill Nelson (D Florida) sardonically commented that of course "we [Congress] will have a moment of silence because that's what we do." He is right. Congress's continuing silence on common sense gun regulation is positively ear-shattering.

Florida's other Senator, Republican Marco Rubio has issued his standard schtick of "thoughts and prayers." The very thought of "thoughts and prayers" has become numbing over the years. So much for the thoughts and prayers of our legislators. We need to quit electing and paying legislators that only pay lip service to American problems. A sign on twitter reads, "Policies, not prayers." I agree.

bullets on Ben Franklin currency

I used to think that congress voted according to what their constituents wanted, but the NRA changed all that. When the majority of American voters are for common sense gun regulation and Congress still does nothing about it, I believe that the reason must be because of the money that the NRA and other gun lobbies funnel into their re-election campaigns. This type of funding essentially gives them a vote. Not at our polling places, but in the most critical arena of all: our nation's Capitol building.

We need to keep corporate America out of our voting booths and our legislative houses. They don't get a ballot. They shouldn't be able to fund our candidates. Those who can't vote (corporations, out-of-state moguls, special interest organizations) should not be allowed to contribute to campaigns.

I wrote my representative and state senators about this. If you write yours, maybe we can get something going here that puts some reins on campaign finance. Maybe then, we can elect some legislators that won't find it necessary to cowtow to the NRA. Maybe then we can finally get the common sense gun regulation legislation that this country is literally dying for.

It stinks that moguls, like the Koch Bros., can fund campaigns in states where they have no vote. It stinks that corporations use profits to support candidates their stockholders may not support. If they have no vote in an election, they should not be able to buy a candidate in that election.

When we stop the gun lobby's ability to buy our Senators and Representatives, we will have taken the first step in stopping these senseless massacres. Put an end to these spurious campaign contributions. "No Vote—NoBucks" may well mean No More (Unregulated) Guns for the Money.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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