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Take Time to Hang Your Hat

by Linda Jenkinson |

hanging hat

After a hard day at work, we hurry home to see those who love us. Yet, often when we go through the door, we are irritable to the point of upsetting those people we were so anxious to get home to.

I can be a pretty assertive person, often bordering on aggressive. Once I worked for a boss who used to regularly tell me, “Give me a few minutes to hang up my hat and coat, okay?” He would say it even when he was wearing neither coat nor hat.

If you’re like a lot of people, you probably have to travel some distance between work and home. That commute, whether by bus, train, or car is probably not a good wind down from a busy day. So you get home, the dog runs up, the kids run up, the wife runs up. They are each eager for your attention. Just as often as they might need help with a problem, they will be excited to tell you the good news about their day. Still, you haven’t had time to hang up your hat and coat. It’s understandable that you are irritable.

Get your loved ones together and tell them about my boss. Make it your story. Tell them you are happy to come home to them every night, but you need just a moment to hang up your hat and coat. There isn’t much you can do about the dog (if you have one) but I think the others in your family will understand although it may take a few gentle reminders.

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