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by Linda Jenkinson

Heaven is the place…

halo and feathers
  • Where the harp string never breaks in the middle of the concert;
  • Where clumsy fingers never strike the wrong chord;
  • Where we can walk barefoot and our feet never stumble, step on a thorn, or stub a toe;
  • Where problems are resolved and the solutions are clear in their logic and give us peace;
  • Where we never expect more from another than they are prepared to give and never promise to give more than we are prepared to deliver;
  • Where we are never too early or too late because time itself is eternal;
  • Where we can pet a porcupine or picnic in the midst of a pride of lions without fear of injury;
  • Where we truly know our own mind;
  • Where making the right decisions is easy because they are the only decisions to make;
  • Where, upon encountering St. Peter, and seeing our names radiant in the Book of Life, our next stop is to bathe under the Waterfall of Forgiveness in sparkling streams that leave us feeling cleaner than we ever imagined possible;
  • Where we choose the obstacles we will overcome and the lessons we will learn on our next earthly journey;
  • Where we bond in covenants with other kindred spirits who we will help and who will help us as we travel through the darkness, back into the light.