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full parking lot

"Wait! They're backing out… oh no, they're waiting!"
"There's a spot over there… oh no, they beat us to it!"

I don't know about your gas mileage, but after an hour of driving stop and go, the needle in my car's fuel gauge heads towards empty. Just as bad as wasting my gas was the realization that I was frittering away the precious time I had set aside for shopping. Finally we found a close parking spot and trotted the 30-or-so feet to the mall entrance.

In Minnesota, folks often walk through the malls and large stores for winter exercise, but not today. It was no less crowded inside. Both hallways and aisles were so crowded that breathable air seemed to be at a premium. Walking was just as stop and go as parking had been. I felt myself quickly running out of steam.

Taking the first available parking spot would have:

  1. Saved me some gas which would have
  2. Saved me some money and
  3. Given me less time driving and more time shopping

The longer walk to the store is

  1. Healthy exercise and
  2. Would have helped me punch up some extra steam, giving me more shopping endurance (not much, but believe me every little bit helps during the Holidays!)

Simplistic? Yes. Idealistic? Maybe, but if enough folks walk those few extra steps we'll all save some gas, some money, some time, and feel better for doing it.

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