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I Love You, Too

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The words “I love you” can sound as hollow as “Have a good day.” I think the reason we don’t say it a lot is because we are aware of that and don’t want our loved ones to hear the echo.

Years ago, an old girlfriend of my husband's called us in the middle of the night. She didn’t know we were married. That is how long past their breakup had been. At the end of the conversation, I heard him say, “I love you too.”

The words crushed me. I brought it up and he said “it didn’t mean anything.” I don’t know what the right answer would have been, but that wasn’t it. What did it mean then when he said it to me?

Over the years I have learned what it means. He is there to give me a lift when I need one, to challenge my logic when it is illogical, to hold my hand for no reason at all than to be close. He does a thousand little things that say, “I love you” better than any words ever will.

If you need to hear, “I love you,” break the ice. Say it first and add, I intend to show you how much every day of our lives. Then work hard at living up to that promise.

Love is always supportive, never destructive. You have to be pro-active to find it. When you don't look for ways to love, you will not see love coming your way.

My husband and I are both terrible at remembering dates. Usually a friend or relative will wish us a Happy Anniversary days after the event. We’ll exchange a look, stifle a laugh, and thank them for reminding us. New Years Eve we exchange “Happy New Years” around 1 a.m. if not the next day.

One Valentine’s Day, after we were up for a couple of hours, I remembered the holiday and said, “Happy Valentines Day.”

He laughed and wished me a "Happy Valentines Day, too."

I don’t need a special Valentines Day gift or greeting. My husband makes everyday special with little things.

They are a few of the little things that tell me every day that he loves me. It’s enough.

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