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Indoor Dryer Vents

by Linda Jenkinson

Frosty Clothespins

On a day like yesterday, I am thankful for my electric dryer. While doing my laundry yesterday, I wondered if you knew about the indoor dryer vent.

Although gas dryers are often considered to be more economical than electric dryers, they aren't compatible with indoor dryer vents. The exhaust from gas dryers is just too dangerous to redirect into your home and that's what an indoor dryer vent does.

For those of us living on the tundra and other places where the winters are long and the heating bills are high, the Indoor Dryer Vent is a must-have that adds warmth and moisture to your home environment.

Indoor Dryer Vent

Easy to install, this miniature appliance lets me decide where to direct the exhaust from my electric dryer and so helps add warmth and moisture to our home in winter, while quickly diverting that same warmth and moisture to the outdoors in warm weather.

There are several types of indoor dryer vents and they range in price from a little more than $10.00 to just under $45.00. They create an extra opening in the exhaust hose that's capped with a removable screen. A lever flips a plug between covering the screen and directing the exhaust outdoors.

When things warm up again, just a flick of a lever, diverts the exhaust outside again.

When the temperature and the humidity tumble as they did during yesterday's spring snow storm, a quick flip of the lever moves the plug over the outside airway and redirects the warm, moist air to your laundry room. Extra lint is trapped in the screen, so you don't have to worry about it floating through your home and aggravating allergies or asthma (of course if allergies or asthma are severe, you should first check with your doctor.)

A side benefit of the indoor dryer vent is that in the winter, it also allows the aroma of your dryer sheet or drying clothes to fill your home. In my opinion, these clean-clothes fragrances are just what you need to bring a bit of spring indoors when it's cold outside.