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by Linda Jenkinson

I love my computer and my operating system. I’ve done dozens of upgrades over the years. You go to the site, hit “update” and then sit back and relax. It should have been simple, but this time close to the end, an alert asked if I wanted to save or delete a virtual ream of “obsolete” files. I trusted the machine to know what it was doing, so I pushed the delete option.


Prolonged Grief

by Linda Jenkinson

black rose

I wonder if those who posted negative comments about Carol Smith's WAPO article on Prolonged Grief Syndrome have ever suddenly lost a loved one.


Give It Your All?

by Linda Jenkinson

In my experience, giving your all to a job usually means you are going above and beyond the boundaries of your job and nobody, neither bosses nor coworkers like that.


Learning the Craft

by Linda Jenkinson

I’ve written for most of my working life, but when I began creative writing. I was lost. I never considered that I had to "learn the craft."


The Story of the Story

by Linda Jenkinson

A short story has to have three parts: a beginning, a middle, and an end. Think of it as a day trip. You start off in your car, heading for a certain destination.