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Early Birds and Rainbow Ice

by Linda Jenkinson

Today was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a road trip to LaCrosse. After a week long cold snap, the ice has melted from the roads and the snow is on the wane. From Winona to LaCrosse is always a beautiful drive



by Linda Jenkinson

forest well

I'm sitting here today, wondering if I'm shallow. I have learned that a writer must pull from their deepest thoughts… from their soul. And I do try, but then I read the thoughts of another writer and they are so much deeper than mine, so utterly beautiful.


The Sins of Our Fathers

by Linda Jenkinson

The U.S. experienced a bit of a Canadian cold snap yesterday when the Toronto Star posted this tweet, "American TV banned him for dancing with a white girl. Canada exploded."


Third Times the Charm

by Linda Jenkinson

And now for a word from our... I don’t have a sponsor, and maybe I never will. I recently got my first rejection from a literary journal. I more or less expected it.


I broke Murphy's Law!

by Linda Jenkinson

I broke Murphy's Law! My Wednesday was one of those days. You know the kind! I had the kind of day that no matter which way you turn, you just can’t get over the hump.