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Bailey: Letting Go

by Linda Jenkinson


I have been slow to write lately. It's because I am still healing. It is very hard to let go after eight years of loving someone. I never thought of a dog having a stroke, but Bailey was always full of surprises.

April 5 started out to be a normal Wednesday. Bailey came with Ed and me to Culvers where we picked up fish dinners for lunch. We went for his evening walk about 5pm and he stopped to say "hi" to Beau, the neighbor's cat. He also met a little Welsh Corgi. Then shortly after supper, he had a stroke and passed away.

I called Ed at work and he came home. At 100+ pounds, Bailey was too heavy for Ed and me to lift him alone so our neighbor was kind enough to help us lift him into our car (Thanks Marv).

We drove him to the Winona Veterinary Clinic. They had been his healthcare providers for eight years. They were very helpful, very kind. The following week, we received a sympathy card from them.. It means so much that they cared enough to send their condolences.The kind words from all who have helped ease my sorrow more than I can express. Thank you.

Now I see the dog food commercials, the Humane Society and ASPCA PSAs. Others are out walking their dogs in the spring and I think maybe. But then I realize it wouldn't be fair to the dog. I don't want another dog. I want Bailey back and I can't have him. I am still letting go.

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