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A Long Time Between Bouquets


Yes it had been, she thought as she looked at the vase of flowers. The tears came to her eyes as she tried to remember the last time he had brought flowers home. She couldn’t. It had been a long time between bouquets.

They had started out sharing everything. Together, they had experienced the beauty of nature the from the darkest indigos of star-kissed night to the brilliance of diamond hung trees on a winter morning — from the brightness of sunlight on snow to the shadows of a summer storm… and they had shared their bodies with sweet love so intense, that many times emotion’s well would overflow, cascading down her cheeks in tears and cleansing her self-doubt.

Then it stopped. Suddenly. The vibrant bloom of their love withered, it’s petals were torn free and blown to dust by a chill wind that settled over their lives, leaving them in a winter blizzard of confusion and frustration.

But yesterday the April rains had washed away the last of the snow. Today the sun was bright and shining on a new world filled with hope ….and here was a vase of flowers on her table. It had been a long time between bouquets, but the flowers were here today. Hope for a better tomorrow bloomed both outside and in.

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