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Don't Take Away the Magic

by Linda Jenkinson |

Fantasy Waterfall

Fantasy Waterfall
Photo Credit:Benjamin Lossius

When the full moon smiles down on me,
Don’t tell me it’s just a bunch of craters on a lifeless clump of dust.
Let me have the man in the moon.
Don’t take away the magic.
When fireflies zig and zag through the night
Don’t tell me they are just phosphorescent insects.
Let me have the stardust.
Don’t take away the magic.
When the rainbow stretches gloriously across the storm ravaged sky
Don’t tell me its colors come from sunlight refracted through moisture
Let me have the bluebird on the other side
Don’t take away the magic.
I know that it’s right to be practical
But you know it isn’t always practical to be right.
Let me have the whimsy.
Don’t take away the magic.

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