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Medicare for All — An Earned Entitlement

helping hand Politicians would have you believe that Medicare is a free health benefit the government gives to Senior Citizens and that Medicare-for-all will be a drain on the country's finances.

Not true.

Some politicians like to call Medicare an entitlement.

It is.

That  is Medicare.

An entitlement is something you get because you have earned it. Whether you own a house, a car, or pay for private health insurance or life insurance, paying insurance premiums is a regular part of life for most Americans. It's something we do to limit future debt, liability, and financial hardship for ourselves and our loved ones, problems caused by unexpected loss. When calamity strikes, you are entitled to reap the benefits of insurance.

Medicare is an entitlement because you have earned it. More than that, you have paid for it. All Americans pay into Medicare during their working years. If you continue to work after you are eligible for enrollment, Medicare will still be deducted from your wages just as it was before you enrolled.

Medicare is not a "free ride" for Senior Citizens.

Besides paying into Medicare during your working years, at retirement, when you enroll in Medicare you pay a monthly premium. You might say that enrollment in Medicare is like changing insurance companies.

Medicare is a major medical insurance policy.

That means it covers a part of some doctor's visits, some out-patient medical services, and 80% of covered hospital stays and procedures. Many Seniors who are enrolled in Medicare also purchase an additional insurance supplement from a private insurer, a policy that picks up most of the expenses that Medicare doesn't cover.

If the government administers Medicare-for-all in the same way as the present program, it will benefit all Americans. Health insurance will become a service that increases healthcare security for all.

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