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New Beginnings (1999)

cut marriage certificate

There was no card for me this year
That compared my eyes to the stars above.
There was no card for me
That professed undying love.

There was no card from me,
That in turn proclaimed the same.
For this year my marriage
Is only my last name.

It was I who left
With eye bereft
Of any falling tear.
It was I who put the past behind
In search of my new year.

I went from him, not because of him.
I only left for me.
I sought myself,
I sought my life,
My own identity.

I have been mother, child and wife,
But have not been what I could be.
For in the many roles I’ve played,
I never have been me.

Now I follow my heart
And trust my soul
And begin to sop the healing balm
And begin to feel the inner peace
Of raging spirit becalmed.

Though tears still flow,
The grief will pass
My eyes will dry and start to see.
My heart will mend.
The pain will end.
At last, I will know me.

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