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Night Times

by Linda Jenkinson

night sky


Sometimes it’s good to pause and write
Of feelings that wake you in the night
And make you feel so all alone,
Seeking arms you’ll never own.
Not yours to own, but only borrow-
You’ll need to find new arms tomorrow but…
Feelings that wake you in the night
Can take you to places of sheer delight.
They bid you rest awhile and stay.
And sleepily, you will obey.


The look in your eyes said desire.
I confused it, for a moment, with love.
When kindling flames,
It’s hard to distinguish
Until it’s extinguished.
Side by side,
Desire diminished,
I saw the dying embers of lust
Fade into the darkness of sleep.
No coals to keep,
To re-ignite.
When morning mist drenches
The passions of night.


The dream came and terror tore
The strands of dreamless sleep.
I woke in fear—
Could sleep no more,
Afraid of falling,
Plunging deep
Into the dark and alien abyss.

And just as if,
Knowing this,
Your arms reached out with warm embrace
Securing me in sheltered space.
’Twas then I knew that I would stay
Until the time you turn away.

Then again, so suddenly
The haunting panic crept through me
As all at once I did recall
The fear that came before the fall.
Fearing, at the break of day
You would send me far away
From arms that hold me in the night.
In abject fear I hang on tight!
For now, I’m safe from clenching fear.
For now, my love, you hold me near.