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Ode to Long Distance Love

by Linda Jenkinson

phone wires at night
Photo credit: StockSnap - Pixabay

there was just electricity between us
the magical night we met;
no music,
no wine–
just screens and keyboards–
but yet,
your spark touched mine
and they caressed
on the magical night we met.

there was just a line between us
the first time we spoke;
no winks,
no smiles–
just dial tones and keypads–
but yet,
your words touched mine
and clung to that line
the connection could not be broke
on the magical night we first spoke.

there was just distance between us;
miles that kept us apart.
there were rivers and roadblocks–
highways and sidewalks–
and yet,
we were bonded by words
and a magical spark;
nothing could separate our hearts
on the magical night we met