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When Your Pet Makes Them Sick

pet-hairy broom If you have an allergy and I have a dog, who has the right of way in the space we both want to occupy? I follow one simple rule: Never stay anywhere you feel unwelcome.

Before I quit smoking, people who waved their hands, coughed around my smoke, and gave me the stink eye irked the hell out of me. Once, at a picnic, someone confronted me with,

“We’re sitting here, could you go stand somewhere else and smoke?"

Well, of course I did, but his request tempted me to inquire why his group couldn’t go somewhere else and sit. Then I quit smoking. The smell of old smoke on someone’s clothing or breath is nauseating. I am, in all honesty, sorry for how upsetting I must have been to non-smokers.

Now that I have that off my chest, let me tell you about the cat we adopted who was so infested with fleas that they jumped off her onto us. That was miserable ... Or, I could tell you about my husband’s allergy to cats. His eyes swell shut when he spends any time in a room where cats have dropped their dander. Pathogens cause problems, no matter where they pop up.

Have you noticed that some medical facilities, offer surgical masks to those who have cold or flu symptoms? In fact, they request that affected persons wear them. They do that to help keep their facilities pathogen free. A pathogen is a pathogen whether it’s a bacteria, a virus, or an allergen.

To make a long story short, when you make a problem for other people, do something to correct that problem. I love dogs. But if my dog makes you sick I have created the problem, you have not. I’ll stay out of your way and do my best not to introduce pathogens into your space. I hope you’ll do the same for me.

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