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These days, Republicans seem to want to privatize everything except the personal things that should be private. The government shouldn't have the right to control how we choose to maintain our physical and mental well being.

We have partners, family, friends, clergy, and counselors to support us in those decisions.

That’s also why we also have Planned Parenthood. The operative word should be "planned." Yet, more often than not, Planned Parenthood must help women deal with un-planned pregnancies.

Freedom of Choice gives a woman many options rather than just one. Planned Parenthood lays out each of a woman’s alternatives. They help her decide what is right for her: motherhood, adoption, or termination. When the right choice is abortion, a woman needs access to clean, modern services. When the right choice is not termination, she needs expert help to find the resources and options available to her. That's one of the many services women find at Planned Parenthood.

The onus of birth control usually falls to the woman. Yet some folks think that a man has the right to be a part of the choice to terminate or continue a pregnancy. Maybe that’s how modern couples came up with, “We’re pregnant.” The truth is, though: men don’t get pregnant.

Are men prepared to compensate women for the mental and physical changes that pregnancy imposes upon them? Are they willing to pitch in on the day-to-day finances during the duration of the pregnancy? Are they willing to pay half of pre-natal and post-natal bills, the vitamins, the doctor visits before delivery as well as the costs of the delivery?

It is only natural to believe that a pregnancy will result in a single, healthy child. However, men who think they have a stake in a woman's pregnancy should consider that a pregnancy can end differently than expected.

Some men don't stick around to help raise or even support the child they have helped bring into the world. The pregnant woman has no guarantee that they will.

Pregnancy is a life-changing circumstance, whatever the outcome. Choices about pregnancy should be the right of the person whose life will be most changed by the decision.

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