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rose on poetry

Last Words

by Linda Jenkinson

Eagle stalking mouse

Purple-blue night into
Blue-white day,
On the glacier,
There he lay...

Ode to Long Distance Love

by Linda Jenkinson

phone wires at night

there was just electricity between us
the magical night we met;
no music,
no wine–
just screens and keyboards–
but yet …


by Linda Jenkinson

halo and feathers

Heaven is the place…
Where the harp string never breaks in the middle of the concert;
Where clumsy fingers never strike the wrong chord;
Where we can walk barefoot and our feet never stumble, step on a thorn, or stub a toe;


by Linda Jenkinson


Lost: Gray cat with brown collar.
Answers to “Cat.” May answer to “Furball.” (Depending on his mood)

So Easy

by Linda Jenkinson


Parenting is tough. Even when you don't have the answers, you have to pretend that you do.