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rose on poetry

Telling the Tale of Sound

by Linda Jenkinson

poplar trees

Can the tale of sound be told?
Seen and felt instead of heard?
If it’s possible to do,
I offer you these words —

The Life of My Love

by Linda Jenkinson

Senior Couple

I am not the love of your life.
And neither are you, mine.
Illusion is an outcast we both leave behind.
Now we dare embrace the reality we find.
Holding you close is, for me, just enough
Because you are the life of my love.

Rose Colored Day

by Linda Jenkinson

The chameleon crept to where he resides.
He hides in a crack in the wall,
The place his identity is unalibied
And his true colors are recalled.

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Night Times

by Linda Jenkinson

Nighttime feelings, fires, and terrors —
Sometimes it’s good to pause and write
Of feelings that wake you in the night

Ladies Don't

by Linda Jenkinson


What don't ladies do? Well, they don't fart. This poem explains it.