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Presidential Debate 2016

by Linda Jenkinson |

Election 2016

Although Secretary Clinton was the clear winner of the first presidential debate, there were a few things I wish she would have jumped on that she seemed to have missed.

Top of the list is Trump's maintaining that he will bring jobs back to America. What jobs is he talking about? He blatantly mentioned his investments and buildings in Europe during the debate. How did his foreign projects contribute to making America great?

Out of the other side of his mouth, he grumbled about the trade agreements that have come during the Obama administration. Does he understand why he is able to build and invest abroad? It's because of our trade agreements.

Speaking of building and investing abroad, as well as two out of three of his wives, at least one of his Senior Advisors, Boris Epshteyn, is a Russian immigrant. Just how much does Trump care about putting Americans to work in available American jobs?

  1. According to the Washington Post Trump's newly opened hotel in Washington was built using the skills of dozens of Central American construction workers , some of whom were undocumented. These are the very "illegals" he rails against at his rallies.
  2. According to CNN Money, as late as last July, Trump doggedly sought to hire foreign guest workers for his Florida Mar-a-Lago resort. CNN reported that over the past 15 years, Trump has filled his United States job availabilities with 1,256 foreign workers.
  3. Trump's products, including his clothing line are manufactured abroad. Just how serious is Donald Trump about keeping jobs in the U.S. and hiring American citizens to fill them?

On the other hand, maybe it's best for American workers to stay away from Trump enterprises. He has a record of stiffing the people that work for him right down to the three little girls who did a song and dance routine at one of his rallies. Unfortunately for them, they found that his promise to pay was just Trumps own "song & dance."

During the debate, Trump described his nefarious business practices as smart business, using the laws to cheat his vendors. In a sorry stab at transparency, he made it clear that his priorities are taking care of himself, his family, and his businesses.

Trump has made a habit of hiding behind, if not the law, his lawyers. Although the Clinton's have released 30 years of their tax returns, Trump has not release a single page of his returns. His first excuse is that his lawyers have counseled against it until after the longest audit in the history of IRS audits is completed. We could wish for his lawyers to come out and admit to this advice, but it doesn't matter because with Trump there is always a back-up excuse.

His second excuse is that Secretary Clinton has not released her 30 thousand deleted emails. Of course, Trump cannot release deleted emails regarding his questionable business practices because he personally ordered his server to be destroyed after they were deleted. Apparently he doesn't understand tit for tat. Tax returns for tax returns. Emails for emails. I wish Hillary would let him know that's the way it works.

But then,the debate wasn't meant for one candidate to tear the other apart.It was meant for them to tell the American people how they would approach the problems this country faces. Hillary has some good ideas. Donald is clueless. I'll vote blue.

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