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Public Parks: No Children Allowed?

by Linda Jenkinson

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I just read this: Mother Arrested For Leaving Her Kids In A Park While She Went To A Food Bank. It was a chilling read for reasons you may not expect!

It is the story of a mother who was arrested for leaving her school-aged children to play in a public park. This is the lamest thing I have heard about childcare ever. From the time I started school, the rule of the day was "Go out and play" on Saturdays and summer days. Although I was an only child, I generally would find one or more kids in the neighborhood who were also outside playing. 

This is fast becoming a Minority Report society that penalizes people before anything happens. 

What is more traumatic for a child: getting stuck in a toddler  swing or being ripped away from his/her mother?

This society is all about educating children and giving them opportunities. What about giving them the opportunity to grow through play? What about the opportunity to exercise their freedom? What about the opportunity to learn to be responsible for themselves? 

Of course you have to keep an eye on toddlers, but school children are out in the world every day and you can't protect your children from life. Instead, it's our job to help our children learn to integrate with life. Quit making kids afraid to live and quit making parents afraid to let them.


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