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Puppy Bites

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Dogs are creatures that act purely on impulse unless we train them that using some self-control is to their advantage.

An adult dog’s teeth differ from his puppy teeth. Adult canine teeth are made to tear off pieces of flesh, His molars are made for crushing bone to extract the marrow. Puppy teeth are literally “as sharp as a tack” and there is a reason for that.

When puppies play with each other, they use their mouths. Their sharp little teeth make their siblings squeal and withdraw from play. Since, this natural play encourages them to play the same way with you, the natural way to curb puppy bites is to squeal and withdraw from play as well. When you allow your puppy to bite or mouth during play, you are teaching her that her behavior is acceptable to you.

No matter what we do with our dogs, they learn from it. Don’t offer your puppy your body parts as toys. Offer toys that he can chew and toys that he can tug at without worry about injury to either him or you. If he is aiming towards your ankles, divert his attention to an acceptable toy. Keep your hands out of reach of his mouth and if you have already ingrained these bad habits in him, redirect his attention from your hands to an acceptable toy.

When your puppy is doing it wrong, any kind of discipline rewards her behavior with either a negative or a positive unless the discipline is, instead, abusive punishment and your really don’t want that. You need to redirect your puppy’s attention to something else that will either interest him more or to something he can be successful doing.

Take note of and examine what you were doing that led up to biting or mouthing and stop doing it. Move on to something your pup can do and praise him for his success.

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