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Republican Anarchy

by Linda Jenkinson |

Anarchy Logo It's about time that Congress quit playing around with our government and got to work. I was shocked to learn that their latest, greatest, idea is to privatize the FAA. As if that was an urgent issue.

The Republican Congress has addressed NONE of the primary issues that concern the American people. Now, it appears that they additionally want to keep the SCOTUS from fulfilling its obligations.

IMO, the Republicans are not just obstructionists who want less government, they are anarchists who are systematically trashing the government in its entirety. This latest debacle over the SCOTUS makes it clear what their intentions are and probably have been all along.

What needs to be done is for the Senate to have a time limit set for any presidential nomination. They figure it out within ninety days or the nomination becomes automatically accepted. I think that this would also work for bills, budgets and any other ideas that the White House has which need Congressional approval.

Bottom line is that someone needs to take steps to put this government back to work again. It's been broken too long and the system certainly doesn't need another rupture.

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