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Shoot du Jour:San Bernadino today.
Where tomorrow?

by Linda Jenkinson

So San Bernadino, California is the location of today's mass murder. How long will it be before we have a murder of the hour? When will we quit talking and start doing something about guns in the US.

It is not erudite of the President to recognize that these frequent incidents don't happen in other countries. In fact, it makes him look like a bumpkin. What should be our response? "You don't say? This doesn't happen in other countries? Who knew?"

After the last shooting (You know. The one last Friday in Colorado.) I thought I would write this post on how many shootings between Columbine and now. I was impressed with myself because I could recall half a dozen of them right off the top of my head. I decided to take a look back to see how many I had missed. WHOA!

Not only had I missed dozens, I found that Columbine wasn't the first… not even the second in the long line of mass shootings that have plagued this country.

In fact, before Columbine there were 4 other school shootings. In the order of all types of mass shootings (workplace, school, and other public place), the school shooting at Columbine was number 11. Who would ever believe that these heinous crimes would become mere statistics in a list? As I read the statistics on Sandy Hook, I realized that I had previously believed that this horrible crime would never become just one more statistic in a list, but it has. Yet, I'm sure it will never be just a statistic to the parents of those children.

The first school shooting that I found was on the playground of a Stockton California elementary School in January of 1989. A gunman turned an assault weapon on a playground, killing 5 children and wounding 29. The attack lasted just a few minutes.

The second was in Iowa in 1991 when a university student, upset about not receiving an academic honor shot six people, four of whom died. The next occurred in Jonesboro, Arkansas, 1993 when two middle school students killed 5 people and injured 10.

Yet, these school shootings were not the first mass shootings in the long and shameful line of them. Over the last 31, years, I have found news stories on 41 mass shootings that left 397 Americans dead.

The first was 31 years ago, July 18, 1984, when an out of work security guard killed 21 employees and customers at a McDonald's restaurant before a police sniper ended his life.

The next was two years later when a Postal Worker went "Postal" and killed 14 co-workers, wounded 6 others and then killed himself. I don't think the term Postal was used as a descriptor for a maniacal killer before then.

So today we have San Bernadino. Mass murder number 41 that has the media's attention—for today. It would be great if that number was the last in this series, but who among us holds that hope in our hearts? At this writing, the victims at San Bernadino are 14 Dead, 17 injured—10 of those critically. Last Friday our President said, "Enough is enough," when a gunman killed 3 and injured 9 people in Colorado, but I guess it wasn't.

What will be?

Let's talk about it! Please leave your comments below.

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