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State of the Union: What Union?

state of the union poll-37% divided, 23% troubled, 21% deteriorating, 19% recovering, 14% broken, 13% hopeful, 3% strong

Between January 22 and 25, Wall Street Journal/NBC asked 800 Americans which one or two words best describes the state of the union. According to the poll, 37 percent of American's see the union as "divided". Thus the question, "What Union?".

Generally we look at our union as a group of states that have come together under one federal government. Certainly our states, except for Alaska and Hawaii, have a physical connection that unites them. But a true Union must be made of something stronger than a physical connection. Millions of married people know that.

True unions are made when different bodies join together, each enriching the others with their own special contributions to the whole. Different characteristics and ideas merge to find solutions to the common problems that no single body can solve on its own. That is what America lacks today.

Over a century ago, Abraham Lincoln warned that "a house divided cannot stand". Instead of sniping at the other side, it's time Americans came together to form the "more perfect union" that was the dream of our forefathers.

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