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Staying Related

by Linda Jenkinson

Just Married Still Married

How do we get from "Just Married" to "Still Married?"

The ability to compromise is the foundation of a successful loving relationship. You blend your path with your partner’s, not to take on each other’s problems but to benefit from the enrichment each of you brings to your partner’s life. When you can do that, love that begins as a spark will grow into a warm and radiant flame.

I read the divorce rate is rising for Senior Citizens. Before the women’s movement shaped the norms of modern society, Grandma stayed with Grandpa through thick and thin, just as traditional wedding vows ordained. If he was a drunk, a spendthrift, a wife beater, or just a slacker, she had no choice but to suck it up. “Nice” women didn’t work out of the home. They didn’t complain because there was no one willing to listen if they did.

Today, conditions have changed and because of those changes, both men and women are free to dissolve a failing marriage. Modern society provides remedies for ending painful relationships.

LGBTQ acceptance is helpful, too. Old stigmas are fading. We can be open in expressing our feelings for whatever partner to love. Societal acceptance no longer tethers us to heterosexual marriage.

These days, people are smarter about their life choices. Many marry later in life. Readily available birth control has helped eliminate the “shot gun” wedding. If the divorce rate hasn’t yet stabilized, I believe it will as mature people continue to make wiser decisions.

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