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One Bright Star

by Linda Jenkinson


Memories collide as they remind her of a sweaty little palm that held tightly onto her hand, a palm that, too quickly, slipped from her grasp.

Dad's Slippers

by Linda Jenkinson

elderly man by what's next sign

We all have momentary lapses in memory. We laugh and call them “Senior Moments” and sometimes, that’s all they are. But, for some of us, they are the beginning of Alzheimer’s and there is no way to determine which is which or what's next.

Dust Devils

by Linda Jenkinson

dust devil

When my children were young, I learned that sometimes you literally have to have a fire lit under you to appreciate how dear those close to you are.


by Linda Jenkinson

The sign said, "Property of the United States Government". No trespassing. Violators will be prosecuted." But, he couldn't read. (Suggested for mature readers only. This piece may be unsuitable for children.)

Baby and the Goldfish

by Linda Jenkinson


As I walked into the living room, my shoes squished against a soaked carpet. I was oblivious to the mess. My heart sank, sure the fish was a goner. Cat + fish = huge mess. Looked to me like I had interrupted her fishing expedition and caught her red-clawed.