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The Title Tag: What Is It?

by Linda Jenkinson

The name "title tag" is really a misnomer. There is no such thing. Title is used in two different areas of html. One is the title element and the other is the the title attribute.

The title element goes in the head section of your document and is the title of your page.

<title>The Title Tag</title>

The title attribute describes where a link takes the web visitor. it makes your site more user friendly by letting them know where they are going when they click a link: either to another link on your site:

<a href="" title="link to our Contact Form">Contact me. </a> or to an external site. For example: <a href=“
Style/TITLE.html“ title="W3C information of the Title Element"> The title element</a> goes in the head section of your document.

The title attribute is visible and displays the destination of a link when your visitor mouses over the link.

Don't stuff keywords into title elements and attributes. If you create a title that‘s relative to your content, it will naturally contain a keyword or two. To stuff keywords into the title element or the title attribute detracts from the usability of your website .

When visitors bookmark your page, it‘s the title element that appears in their bookmarks folder. Many users either don't know or forget they can edit a bookmark title. A sensibly composed title will help your visitors quickly find the page they've bookmarked.

Keep your title elements and attributes short and to the point to point your visitors in the right direction

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